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From Wales and from the Bristol and South-West of England, we move freight and cargo worldwide including to the USA (United States) via air, sea freight and using road transportation as part of an inter-modal solution. Whether you are looking for freight, cargo and shipping forwarding to Los Angelas, Chicago, NYC, Miami or any other part of the U.S., we can help.

If you are looking for:

  • Competitive freight rates to and from the USA
  • Freight and shipping management and tracking to and from the US
  • A reliable service from an established company

then RSJ offer a full freight Forwarding service tailored to your needs. Contact us at any time for a quote for Freight Forwarding to and from USA.

Moving freight

Ways and Options for Sending Freight UK to USA

When sending freight from the United Kingdom to the US, you do have many transport options. Speed, cost and the nature of the freight all act as factors which help to determine the best option. If transporting heavy machinery for example such as oil rigs and industrial machinery, we tend to use sea freight. Protecting the shipment is of vital importance throughout the process. Many people though when sending freight to USA get caught out by the complex paperwork and customs requirements. We take care of all paperwork for you if you use RSJ.

Air freight is by far the most convenient and popular choice when it comes to sending goods from the UK to America, and there are several cargo and air freight carriers which we work directly with between the two countries. Air freight is a suitable means of moving cargo such as perishables, fragile goods and rare or expensive merchandise to the US and you this transportation option means that almost any major city in America, is possible in a relatively quick time-frame from the from the UK.

Intermodal freight is another way of moving goods between these two countries and exporters who are transporting heavy machinery, raw materials and products in bulk can opt to use these containers. Intermodal freight from the UK to the US usually involves sea freight and rail freight. This means that exporters in the UK transport their cargo via ship to its destination port in the US, from where the containers are transferred to trains which will take them to their final destination.
Some freight transporters choose road freight to transport their goods to cities in the US and make use than using rail transport. Moving goods by road is another extremely common way of getting your goods to its destination in the US once you have managed to get them into the country via air freight or sea freight.

Road freight is also the best transportation method of choice left to exporters, if the region to which the goods must be moved to, is not connected by rail. Freight items like perishables and fragile goods are usually transported in refrigerated containers or special carriers by freight trucks, if the items do not have to be transported over along distance.

Please note: No prices will be given over the phone in any circumstances. We are very happy to offer quotations and normally reply the same day. Please email with as much information as possible with weights/sizes etc included and we will respond as soon as possible”.