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If you are looking to send freight to Sweden from UK or from Sweden, then

Why Choose RSJ International Freight for Sweden?

If you are looking for a freight or shipping company who have 20+ years in sending freight to Sweden then we are here to help we:

Our Freight Services to Sweden include:

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  • Road Freight
  • Express Shipping
  • Intermodal Freight
  • Air and Sea Freight Services

Sending Freight to Sweden from UK – Doing it the Right Way

When sending freight to Swedish, it is important to understand local regulations (and how to comply with all the paperwork needed), and how to deal with logistical challenges when sending freight to and from Scandinavia.

We can help in dealing with all aspects of the shipping, freight and cargo process between Sweden and any country worldwide.

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  • Dealing with freight that involves:
  • Oversized cargo?
  • Hazardous materials
  • temperature-controlled goods
  • moving to Sweden and transporting a container?

During the process we can provide full management of everything needed and this often can include the need for

  • Customs Clearance – customs documentation to ensure smooth cross-border shipping.
  • Warehousing and Distribution

Expertise in Sweden Freight

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RSJ International Freight has a deep understanding of the Swedish market and in dealing with United Kingdom to Sweden shipping.

With years of experience managing shipments in and out of Sweden, we know the intricacies of local regulations, customs procedures, and the best routes for timely delivery.

Customised Service

Every client we provide freight or shipping services for has different needs so we will tailor a solution specific to what you need.

Whether you need temperature-controlled transport for perishable goods or specialized handling for oversized cargo, RSJ offers tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

Sweden Freight Services

Freight to Sweden

Freight Forwarding

We offer comprehensive freight forwarding services that cover every aspect of your shipping needs.

From initial planning and documentation to final delivery, be it road freight to Sweden, or air freight, we have experience in all forms of shipping and forwarding.

Using the RSJ network, with our partners worldwide (including in Sweden) we are able to offer you competitive rates and reliable service.

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Choosing the right freight partner is crucial for any business involved in international trade.

UK-Sweden Trade Relationship

The trade relationship between the UK and Sweden is robust and characterized by significant trade volumes. Sweden is one of the UK’s important trading partners, with key sectors including:

  • vehicles
  • iron and steel
  • machinery
  • pharmaceuticals
  • and consumer goods.

This strong trade relationship underscores the importance of efficient freight solutions to ensure that goods move seamlessly between these two nations.

Freight Options for Shipping Goods from the UK to Sweden

Each mode of transport has its own set of advantages and is suitable for different types of cargo and urgency levels.

Air Freight


  • Speed: This tends to be one of the speediest ways to transport freight from the UK to Sweden, making it perfect for certain types of freight and cargo – especially for freight that is urgent time-wise.


  • Cost: Air freight can be expensive, especially for heavy or bulky items.
  • Capacity Limitation: There are weight and size restrictions for air cargo.

Sea Freight


  • Cost-Effective: Sea freight is generally more affordable, making it suitable for large and heavy shipments.
  • Large Capacity: Ships are able to carry very sizeable and large freight quantities, including via shipping containers. Shipping can be ideal for very large freight shipments to Sweden.


  • Speed: Sea freight is slower compared to air freight, taking weeks instead of days.
  • Weather-Dependent: Shipping schedules can be affected by adverse weather conditions.

Overland Freight


  • Cost-Effective for Short Distances: It is often cheaper for shorter distances compared to air freight.


  • Time-Consuming for Long Distances: Overland freight can take longer, especially for international routes.
  • Regulatory Barriers: There may be additional regulatory requirements for crossing borders.

Customs and Documentation Requirements

Shipping goods internationally requires strict adherence to customs regulations and documentation requirements.

For freight to Sweden from the UK, compliance and accuracy are crucial to avoid delays and penalties.

Essential Documents

  • Commercial Invoice: Provides details about the goods, their value, and the transaction.
  • Packing List: Lists the items being shipped, including their weight and dimensions.
  • Bill of Lading (BOL): A contract between the shipper and the carrier detailing the shipment’s terms.
  • Certificate of Origin: Indicates where the goods were manufactured.
  • Import Licenses: We will help with any import or export licenses where needed for freight to Sweden.

Customs Compliance

To ensure smooth customs clearance, businesses should:

  • Classify goods correctly using the Harmonized System (HS) codes.
  • Provide accurate and complete documentation.
  • Pay any required duties and taxes promptly.
  • Stay updated on regulatory changes that may impact their shipments.

Future Trends in the Freight Industry

The freight industry is continually evolving, with new technologies and trends emerging that could impact trade when sending freight to Sweden from UK.


Sustainability is taken seriously in the freight industry, with many businesses adopting more eco-friendly style approaches to transporting freight.

The use of electric vehicles, for example, is something that is becoming more common with road freight, to try and reduce carbon emissions in the freight industry.


The digitalization of freight processes, including blockchain technology for secure and transparent transactions, is streamlining operations and improving traceability.


How much does it cost to send freight to Sweden?

It really depends on what freight you are sending. We can easily give you a quote to get you started. Contact Us

How to send a package to Sweden from UK?

Whether your freight should be sent via air, sea or land will depend on several factors such as the weight, size, if it is perishable, and the timeframe ie how fast you need the freight to reach Sweden.

How much to ship a car to Sweden from the UK?

The vehicle type and size will affect price ie it it is a 4 by 4 or small car. Get in touch and we’ll give you a no-obligation free quote.

What about if I want to send freight to Norway in Scandinavia?

You can read about how to send freight to Norway here.