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Do I Even Need a Freight Company

Before contacting a freight company, it is worth first considering if you need the use of a freight company.

If all you need to send abroad is a small packet or parcel i.e. to send a gift or send some clothes back home to Australia for example, you are best off just using the post office or for a better choice of postal rates for a package, your local Mailbox etc store.

You can find your local Mailbox etc here. If on the other hand, you are sending significantly bigger than your dirty laundry home to your mother in Australia, and instead are looking to transport something large such as oil rig parts, a batch of new cars, a cargo container full of products or are getting involved in the import and export business, and are looking for a transportation partner, then a freight company is your best option.

Do You Collect the Shipment?

Whether you are located in Bristol, Bath, Cardiff, or anywhere in Wales, Scotland, and England, a decent freight company such as RSJ International, will normally organize for collection from your home or your business.

This is part of the service that freight companies offer.

Shipment Paperwork. Help!

One of the most overwhelming aspects of sending a large freight shipment abroad is understanding the legal requirements, regulations regards all aspects of the process including taxation, country-specific rules, etc.

Any reputable freight company will provide this service (as we do) and this is a major part of the benefit of sending shipments through such as service provider. Get the paperwork wrong and it can be a costly mistake.

Freight Packaging and Insurance

It would be surprising if any freight forwarder could offer a 100% cast iron guarantee that any shipments will always be fine.

A good freight forwarder though can normally ensure that the chance of any damage is extremely minimal and this is done by good preparation such as with the correct packing and protection of freight in transit.

A good company with a lot of experience (we have over 15 years of experience) will have a great understanding of how even the largest of items need to be protected and packed for shipping. A lot of care and attention is often needed at this stage.

A freight forwarder will normally also be able to advise you well on the best and most appropriate freight insurance policy and this is also a service that is normally included.

It is unusual to need to claim on the insurance but it is recommended that this is included in any shipment. Issues sometimes are completely beyond the control of the freight company i.e. when there is a military coup or similar political incident in a country to which you are sending freight.

Are You are Bristol and Cardiff Based?

Yes, we have warehouses and offices both in Bristol, England and Treforest, Wales, and have a lot of clients in the South Wales and South West of England area.

We also work with clients from across all parts of the UK and can organize shipments from anywhere worldwide.

What Transport Do You Use?

Whether you are sending freight or cargo from Bristol, Bath, Wales (including Cardiff, Swansea, and Newport), or anywhere else, we choose the type of transportation mode that best suits the size, weight, and nature of what you need to be moved.

We provide a service that utilizes all forms of transportation such as rail, road, air, and sea transportation, in addition to inter-modal freight. By inter-modal means a combination of different transportation modes, such as using both road and sea freight transportation to get your shipment to its final destination.

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