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Of all the cities in the UK, I am not saying that Bristol is necessarily the best because it depends certainly on what area of business you are in and what your needs are.

Overall though, I certainly think that Bristol is worth considering and a great option for many reasons and which I list below.

Location, Location and Location

Bristol is beautifully located for access to the whole of the South-West of England (including Plymouth, Exeter and all parts of Cornwall) and of course, is perfect for the Avon and Somerset area and also is close to South Wales and which can be quite easily reached across the Severn Bridge.

The catchment area from Bristol is very good for local and national businesses. Bristol is also less than 2 hours from London (1 hour 45 minutes by train direct) and with Bristol Port right on the outskirts of the city, what a great location for businesses!

Transport Connections and Accessibility

In addition to easy access by train between London and Bristol and South Wales and Bristol. Bristol also acts as a main connection point for the South West to the North of the UK including cities such as Birmingham, Manchester, and Newcastle in the UK.

For those of you who need to travel for sales and marketing, Bristol offers as central of a location as most places in the UK. Bristol Temple Meads Station is the main station for access into and out of the city.

Bristol also has an international airport, offering connections with the U.S. (through NYC), over 50 cities across Europe, and connections with locations such as Northern Africa.

Bristol airport is the largest airport in the South West of England and also serves Wales (a high proportion of travelers from Wales tend to choose Bristol over Cardiff airport).

Bristol is also on the M4 and although traffic can get busy sometimes, the road connections mean the chance to connect to other cities across Europe and also get to ports such as Southampton, Plymouth, and Portsmouth is relatively easy.

Business Network

Bristol has a lively and vibrant business community and network and whether you are a new business in the area or established and want to network, some options to get started are:

Manufacturing History

Bristol has a proud and historical manufacturing history and even though, as many of you might be thinking, manufacturing has been lost to an extent, the city and local area still prosper through this area.

Airplanes, water treatment systems, furniture, and car production are a few sectors that continue to create jobs in the local area. There is a level of expertise in the city that can be tapped into.